• J. J. Allen

Toast Me 1.1 is Released!

Updated: May 9

Check it out on the Unity Asset Store here : Toast Me

Toast Me is an unobtrusive notification library for Unity 3d inspired by the web notifications called toasts. Whether you are looking to quickly display information to your player or show debug information while testing, Toast Me is the perfect solution.

Toast Me features a non-blocking core library that can be easily customized and extended. Use one of several toast prefabs available with this asset right in your project or use them as a template to create your own.

If you find that there is something Toast Me doesn't do that you would like to see feel free to submit a support request.

Requires Text Mesh Pro to be imported and setup in the project before importing Toast Me.


▶ Complete and documented C# source code. ▶ Sample scene demonstrating complete functionality ▶ Resolution independent toast rendering. ▶ Customizable lifetime. (how long will toasts be visible) ▶ Customizable fade duration. (how long will it take a toast to fade-in/fade-out) ▶ Customizable SoundFx, playable when a toast becomes visible. ▶ 9 different toast alignment options. ▶ Toast count restriction to limit the number of toasts visible at one time. ▶ Tap to dismiss functionality ▶ Prevent dismissal on hover functionality. ▶ Global OnShow and OnHide callbacks. ▶ Toast specific OnShow and OnHide callbacks.


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