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Drag Me is the first drag & drop solution for Unity that includes 2d and 3d support.

Built on-top of familiar unity components, Drag Me brings several years of development experience into an elegant solution to make 'drag & drop' behavior more accessible to both developers, and non-developers.

Drag Me was initially developed for a tactics card game, but its uses don’t stop there.

Supporting an editor-first approach, DragMe components can be configured and extended directly within the editor without writing any code. On the other hand, if coding is your forte, DragMe components and events are completely extensible with detailed documentation to help you develop the functionality you need.


Rucksack is a dependency injection solution for Unity. Using the Service Locator patterns built into Unity, Rucksack doesn’t re-invent the wheel.

Rucksack resolves the problem created by so many other DI framework by providing an easy to use attribute API. The attributes trigger the use of the GetComponent(s) service locator methods provided by Unity to resolve your game object dependencies for you.



Toast Me is an unobtrusive notification library for Unity 3d inspired by the web notifications called toasts. Whether you are looking to quickly display information to your player or show debug information while testing, Toast Me is the perfect solution.

Toast Me features a non-blocking core library that can be easily customized and extended. Use one of several toast prefabs available with this asset right in your project or use them as a template to create your own.


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